Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 2 Results & Updates

Week Two Results are in (I think I am on some kind of trend)......

Down .7 of a pound and .75 inches

Been suffering from PMS this week, which left me really bloated.  I would have lost more inches if not for that...I actually gained half of an inch in my waist, but lost everywhere else.  Yes that gain is reflected in the above number.  Week 2 was not consistent as far as shakes go.  I am really dreading week 3 numbers.

Can't remember if I told you in the last couple of weeks that I was planning a surprise 50th birthday party for Mama....well it was Saturday and despite needing a few more hours in the day to get ready, it went really great.  Mama said she really enjoyed herself.  Aaron and his dad have worked really hard getting the yard ready - the party was in our backyard.  I have been out there with them after work and we all went non-stop Saturday from  7 in the morning until 10:30 that night.  I am still recovering body is really achy and sore.  Still dealing with a little bit of the PMS this week.  On top of the party - Sheri was on vacation last week, which meant I had her job plus mine to do all week.  Can you say tired and exhausted?!?!?!  With everything that was going on, I didn't do so very well with the shakes.  Most nights we were stopping thru drive-thrus or picking up pizza for supper and I was a lazy bones in the morning and didn't get up in enough time to fix a shake.  That's not counting the 3 pieces of cake and nutter butter banana pudding I had yesterday.  Half of the cake was left at my house, plus the banana pudding that Jan made Aaron and an Orange-Pineapple Cake from Aunt Shelby.   And that's not counting all of the Pepsi and Sweet Tea that I have been inhaling. 

I know mentally that I have done bad this past week, but I can tell it physically jeans are getting too tight - not a good thing.  After being bad at lunch (disgusting burger from Hardee's) I'm drinking my water as hard as I can now.   Despite being tired, I'm hoping that Aunt Linda can go with me to the gym tonight....hopefully getting in the pool will work out some of the kinks in my muscles and joints.  Guess I better get back to work and continue counting down the minutes until 5.

See ya down the road.....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 1 Results

Drum Roll Please........

I lost 2.5 pounds and 2.5 inches this week!!!!

Woo Hoo!!  Happy Dance for me!!  I see people posting where they have lost 5 - 10 pounds on week one, but you know what, I'm not going to let that get me down.  I did have one day where I didn't have a shake at all and one day where I only had one.  I am happy with my steps!!  As I told Rebecca (my friend, my mentor, my supporter, my cheerleader, my encourager, my butt kicker, my whatever -I-need-at-the time) this morning, I have to take it one day at a time, if I have a "bad" day it's ok because tomorrow is a new day and I just have to dust myself off and jump back on the train full steam ahead.  One bad day does not have to to turn into 2 bad days, which normally leads to 2 bad weeks and lots of gained weight and inches.  I have recently started fixing what I am calling a "peanut butter cup" shake using SF, FF Chocolate Fudge pudding and some peanut butter.  It is definitely good...have had 2 nights in a row for supper.

On to the homefront.....Aaron's grandma was moved from ICU at the hospital to a nursing home for rehab.  We were told the minimum stay is 10 days and Medicare will pay for 21 days, so as to how long she will be in there we really aren't for sure.  Aaron's dad is still with us, but that is going really good.  They are really enjoy their time together and Dixie loves her Pops.  I told Aaron I don't know what is going to happen when it comes time to separate them...they are both going to be pitiful.

My VBS training went really good.  I had one person from 2 other churches and some of the ladies from our church.  I was honestly disappointed that I didn't have more participation from some of the other churches, but for the first time doing this, it was great!!  It was a wonderful experience for me.  I told Aaron that if I do something like this again next year that I will definitely go ahead and have it at the end of February beginning of March.  There was just so much going on this weekend - most of the colleges had graduation, plus a lot of the kids are playing baseball/softball/soccer, and it was prom weekend for a lot of the high schools.  I will be more ready and better prepared next year.  Now to get thru next weekend....

Until we meet at the next rest stop......

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Sigh

Where to begin.....

This past week has been a crazy one for us.  We found out first thing last Monday morning that Aaron's Mammaw (grandma) was in ICU in Asheville with double pneumonia.  She still is as of today.  While she has been there, we have since found out that the artery that goes from heart to her stomach is 90% blocked and that has been causing a lot of her stomach pain.  Tomorrow she will get a stint put in that.  Because she has a pacemaker they checked her heart out....sometime in the past, she has a very light heart attack that went unnoticed and undetected.  She has minimal damage, but it does not look like it is going to cause her any future problems.  With Aaron's mom staying at the hospital round-the-clock, we made the decision to go get his dad and bring him home with us.  Because of his dad's history of strokes, diabetes complications, and falling; we just felt it was better to have him with us.  We were all set to leave at lunch time on Thursday and head to Morganton and come back on Saturday.  You know what they say about best laid plans.  A horrible migraine hit me late Wednesday morning causing me to leave work early.  Yep, I had to work all day on Thursday.  I walked out of the office at 650 Thursday night.  We got to Morganton at 1:30 Friday morning.  We made the trip to Asheville Friday morning and we came back home Friday night.  Saturday was a lazy day for us as we all recuperated from the long drive.  On top of it all, I was dealing with the after-effects of the migraine, and that is no picnic.

Yesterday I ate as I pleased because I knew that today was officially going to be my first day back on Visalus.  What better day to start day 1 than on May 1!  Started the day off with a banana pudding shake.  Snack was a piece of string cheese and lunch was left over spaghetti and a pepsi.  I haven't been drinking water like I need to today, but it's coming.  I weighed and checked my measurements this about a depressing cry.  It was.  I've got my big girl panties on and I'm going to deal with it one day at a time, one shake at a time, one bottle of water at a time.  I didn't put this weight all on over night and I know that it is not going to all come off over night (as depressing as that realization is).  The weight/fat gain combined with fibromyalgia plus all of the other health problems I have are not good for me at all.  I have accepted this and I know that I am the only that can do anything about it and it's time for me to just do it.  So, that's what I am doing.

It really helps that we have Aaron's dad with us.  Because of his diabetes and shot schedule, he has to eat at a certain time, plus he has to be careful what he eats.  Which means I have to be careful what he eats.  Having to cook for him is going to mean less going out to eat for me.  Which also means that I can bring leftovers for lunch instead of going out to eat and hitting drive thrus so much.  It is definitely an adjustment for us having someone there other than us, but I think overall it's been a pretty smooth transition. 

I guess I better close for the day...still catching up at work and I have to get seriously busy on the VBS Training I am leading Saturday.  Oh "Table for Five" by Susan Wiggs over the of the BEST books I have ever read.  I printed off the list of all of her books to start reading!!  Started reading "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks last far, so good.  Because it is set in Edenton it holds an even more special place in my heart.  Will let you know how it turns out for me.......

Much Love & Happy Trails!!