Monday, August 29, 2016

Symbol or True Belief

I was reading a blog this morning and the author simply states that the cross has "become a symbol of religion or simple spirituality".  We wear cross jewelry and have cross artwork in our homes and in our offices, but does that cross simply represent our spirituality or do we stop and think about the cross and the forgiveness and love of God that should flood our hearts and thoughts every time we see it?

I will be completely honest.....I have a small cross hanging on the wall in my office at work, I have cross artwork hanging in my home and I have cross jewelry.  But you know....all of it has just become part of my normal routine.  All I have to do is look up from my computer screen and see the cross hanging on the wall, but do I?  It has been hanging there for so long that I honestly don't even think about it.  That is heartbreaking.  I should be looking at this cross multiple times a day thanking Jesus for His love and forgiveness.  I should be looking at this cross and reflecting instead of letting it be a simple adornment.

What if that's all that we became to Jesus.....just a simple adornment that He noticed occasionally? That would totally shake and break everything we as Christians believe in.

No wonder my life feels like it is falling apart.  My Savior, my hope and my glory in Heaven have become a simple adornment.

Father, Please forgive me for taking Your love and forgiveness, Your sacrifice for granted.  Forgive me Father for treating you as a simple adornment that it just part of life and routine.  You are the giver of my life Father and I should treat You as such.  Please Father, help me to get on the right path, Father help me to live for You, to seek Your will for my life.  Father, please fill this emptiness and loneliness inside me with Your perfect love and Holy Spirit.  Father, please wash and cleanse me.  Guide me and direct me.  Forgive me my sweet Jesus!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Whirlwind Year

Until Aaron started talking about blogging tonight, I didn't realize that it has been over a year since we last chatted!  That really makes my heart sad!  And honestly, when rereading my last post (from 16 months ago) I still find myself stuck in almost the same place :(

I will say that this has been a very hard year for us, but at the same time that has truly made us realize what we have to be grateful and thankful for.  We have really learned the value of our life and relationship with each other.  Aaron had a stroke in January.  It was a true wake up call to us both to say the very least.  He has recovered and no one would ever know that he had one.  Dixie got a stomach bug that required her to be hospitalized and then got an indolent ulcer on her eye that took over a month to get healed.  I haven't been feeling well myself....been very tired, all I want to is sleep, no drive or desire to do much of anything honestly, but the doctors can't find anything wrong with me.  Its just part of the PCOS and all that it entails.  This year has really woken up so to our own mortality.

We are both trying very hard to live healthier lifestyles.  I am still struggling with my weight.  I joined Fit Body Boot Camp at the end of April.  Can you believe that I go to class at 5 am in the morning!?!?!  I really do love the workouts.  They are tough, but I love it!  Nutrition is still something that I struggle with on a daily basis and it always will be, but I am definitely doing better!

Spiritually, I'm still stuck on that same rock.  I know that I am the only that can get me off of it, but for some reason I have seemed to taken root.    We have been attending church at Covenant for over a year now and I have even joined a small group.  I love my small group ladies!  They have definitely been a blessing to me!

Well, I am going to sign off now because its bedtime....4:15 and that 5 am class come early!!  I will definitely see you soon!!