Friday, April 20, 2012

The Journey Begins

It's Friday....Woo Hoo!!  After the week that I've had, I am honestly ready for a little bit of R&R....don't know how much of that I will actually get done though.  Thankfully my darling husband done most of the housework yesterday.  I would like to work out in the yard some tomorrow on the landscaping.  And of course there is a book or two that wants to be read.  But then again, there is always a book or two that wants to be read.  I am a self-proclaimed "bookslut" and if you know, you know it's the honest truth.  My husband will tell you that I spend more money on books than I do on clothes and it's the truth!!  I am currently reading Nicholas Sparks' "A Bend In The Road" and I love it!!  I went to bed about 9:30 last night with the intention of reading about 10 minutes before going to sleep.  I turned over to look at the clock after reading for what felt like a few minutes and it was 11:30!!  Not good!!

Despite being a little tired today, it's been a good day so far.  Started the morning with a butterscotch shake.  My morning snack was a cup of oatmeal (I was starving).  Now I'm guzzling lemonade while trying to decide what's for lunch.  I've gotta get gas today, so I will probably grab a sandwich while I am at Sheetz.  I'm hooked on that place, it's my new lunch spot.   I'm battling a little bit of headache this morning, but I haven't had any caffeine yet.  Once I get lunch and  a Pepsi hopefully it will ease off some.

Time to throw a piece of gum in my an hour to lunch and try to see what I can get done!  Hope everyone has a great.  Hope everyone has a great day and  I will check in at the next "rest stop"!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


In the past few years I have gained quite a bit of weight.  Every time I go to the doctor they are constant on me to lose some weight.  I lose some, but get tired of "dieting" and "eating healthy" that I go right back to cheese burgers, french fries, & pizza and the weight magically finds it's way back to my stomach, plus some extra that it picked up on the way.  I am a picky eater, but I also eat out of boredom, sometimes emotionally, and sometimes I just want something in my mouth.  I thought I would start this blog to see what in life triggers the different aspects of weight gain for me.  Join me for the ride on my highway.  Make you sure you've got your seat belt on tight, your running shoes laced up, and most importantly that you've got your "big girl panties" on, because we are going to tackle the twists and turns and the highs and lows!!  Let's rock it!!