Monday, July 8, 2013

Bombs Away

Why bombs away you ask?  Well because that is what I have been doing the past week....bombing.  Bombing my low carb diet, bombing getting my body fit for fertility, bombing the promise I made to my husband & dr, just bombing!  This carboholic fell off the wagon and had waaaayyyy to many carbs.

If I want to make excuses for myself, I could and I have, but at the end of the day, the excuses produce negative results, not positive ones.  Making excuses makes me feel dumpy.  Somebody that feels dumpy can't get fit.  So, here's to no excuses, here's to owning up to it.  I ate way too many carbs!  I blew it!  There, I owned it.  Now, I'm back in the saddle today and I am STARVING!!!!  I had an Atkins bar for breakfast, string cheese for morning snack, Vi-Shake for lunch, grapes for afternoon snack.  Still have 30 minutes before I have to leave work and I am STARVING!!  I have had 60 oz of water so far, I know, I should have had 80 by now.  I am currently chewing a piece of gum and that isn't helping much.

Life has been crazy lately.  On June 30th, Aaron was voted in as pastor at New Hope Baptist Church in Kinston NC.  My downfall started on June 29th.  There was a covered dish supper at the church for a meet and greet.  I was really good with what I was getting on my plate.  Everybody kept telling me to get dessert & I kept declining.  My darling husband told me that I had to eat some dessert or I was going to offend people.  You DON'T tell a carboholic with a HIGH A1C to eat dessert.  A piece of pound cake & strawberry cheesecake decided it wanted me to eat it.  Then everyone fixed us a to go plate...desserts to take home.

Since we are moving at the end of this month, we have been making the rounds at our favorite restaurants.  Tuesday night I had lasagna at Mama's Pizza....honestly, it didn't taste as good as I remembered (could just be that after 5 weeks of no pasta, that I had built it up in my mind).  Thursday night at the fireworks I had 2 hot dogs, on the bun, pepsi, and ice cream.  Friday night was the holy from La worries, after 5 weeks, it was better than I remembered and then some!  Saturday night was Chinese buffet (can we say 2 small bowls of fried rice AND ice cream).  Yesterday's lunch was San Jose, chips, chips, chips, and steak quesadilla (I ordered the plate, not knowing it came with 2 quesadillas)  I ate all but the big bite I shared with Aaron.  And last night's supper was leftover pizza.  There, I have gained 3 pounds and I am starving today.  Did I by any chance mention to you that I am starving.

Oh yeah, I guess I said that we were moving.  Yes, we are.  Aaron turned in his resignation yesterday.  He will preach at Community Center thru July 28th and our plan is to start moving on July 29th.  He will start August 1st at New Hope, with August 4th being his first day in the pulpit.  He's really excited and looking forward to it.  I do believe he plans on going in there with his feet firmly on the ground and ready to run, which in my opinion is the way to go.  Time will tell.  Prayers are greatly appreciated as we make this transition in our life.

I go back to the OB/GYN tomorrow.  Let's hope that her scales show a definite drop in weight.  I would really like for them to be 2-3 pounds lighter than when I was last there, but with with 3 pounds I gained since Thursday, I just don't see that happening.

Break time is over, time to start this treacherous, twisting climb again.  See you around the curve.