Friday, April 20, 2012

The Journey Begins

It's Friday....Woo Hoo!!  After the week that I've had, I am honestly ready for a little bit of R&R....don't know how much of that I will actually get done though.  Thankfully my darling husband done most of the housework yesterday.  I would like to work out in the yard some tomorrow on the landscaping.  And of course there is a book or two that wants to be read.  But then again, there is always a book or two that wants to be read.  I am a self-proclaimed "bookslut" and if you know, you know it's the honest truth.  My husband will tell you that I spend more money on books than I do on clothes and it's the truth!!  I am currently reading Nicholas Sparks' "A Bend In The Road" and I love it!!  I went to bed about 9:30 last night with the intention of reading about 10 minutes before going to sleep.  I turned over to look at the clock after reading for what felt like a few minutes and it was 11:30!!  Not good!!

Despite being a little tired today, it's been a good day so far.  Started the morning with a butterscotch shake.  My morning snack was a cup of oatmeal (I was starving).  Now I'm guzzling lemonade while trying to decide what's for lunch.  I've gotta get gas today, so I will probably grab a sandwich while I am at Sheetz.  I'm hooked on that place, it's my new lunch spot.   I'm battling a little bit of headache this morning, but I haven't had any caffeine yet.  Once I get lunch and  a Pepsi hopefully it will ease off some.

Time to throw a piece of gum in my an hour to lunch and try to see what I can get done!  Hope everyone has a great.  Hope everyone has a great day and  I will check in at the next "rest stop"!

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